The Aftermath of Hurricane Ivan: Part II

Hundreds of people are living in cramped quarters in travel trailers set up by the federal government, but many say they are just happy to have roofs over their heads.

Hundreds of travel trailers dot three abandoned shopping centers in the Pensacola area. The boxes on wheels are home to Ivan’s victims who have nowhere else to go.

Kelly Terrell was kind enough to give us a tour.

Kelly says, “I have one for storage and then my four-year-old sleeps down here.”

The family lost everything but their clothes in Ivan. Baby Sean’s favorite toy is now a tape measure, a gift from the crew that set up their trailer.

“Well, if I didn’t have this my kids wouldn’t have a place to sleep. I don’t know what I would do,” says Kelly.

The Terrell’s landlord took their deposit after Ivan demolished their rental home. The food store where Kelly worked has closed until the first of the year.

“As soon as it reopens I will have my job back,” she says.

So for now, the couple is living on help from the Red Cross, Salvation Army and FEMA.

Kelly says, “I know their big concern is Christmas. My son wants a tree, there is nowhere to put a tree. We don’t have the money for Christmas either because of the hurricanes.”

Life for the Terrell’s wasn’t easy before Ivan. It’s harder now, and from their perspective up is the only way it can go.