School's in for Florida Law Enforcement Officers

The focus this year is officer attitudes and safety. It's a rare sight; a packed classroom of men and women in badges, ones usually found policing the streets. Instead, it's hours and hours of lectures and discussions like how to incorporate politeness into police work.

SGT Larry Folsom of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, “It's a refresher, a good wakeup call to go through training like this every so often.”

Every four years to be exact, that's the requirement for these deputies, investigators and police officers from throughout Florida. The Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy heads the class and the students listen attentively.

E.E. Eunice, Law Enforcement Coordinator, says, “We're looking at more diverse population than many officers have experienced.”

The classes cover four general areas to keep officers up to date on rising trends, things like human interaction, traffic stops, domestic violence and juvenile sex offenders.

Carl Allen, Wakulla County Training Officer, says, “As a parent it's important to deal with juvenile victims. We need to understand how to look for predators that may be looking for a juvenile.”

Whether it's heightening awareness or relearning their manners, these officers are sticking it out 40 hours in the classroom to better serve and protect you.

Six agencies from Wakulla and Leon Counties attended this week's police training.