Fire Insurance Premiums Going Down in Thomas County

Thomas County Fire Chief Chris Jones says his fire department is always striving to do better, and a new insurance rating actually confirms their hard work has paid off.

Chris says, "This is a project that's been worked on for several years and it didn't happen over night and we're heading in the right direction and we'll just continue to improve."

They are improvements that granted the Fire Department a six over nine rating.

The six means property like this is within 1,000 feet of a water supply and within five miles of a fire station. Nine meant the property was beyond 1,000 feet from a water supply, but still within five miles of a fire station.

The lower rating is not only good for the Thomas County Fire Department, but also for the homeowner. Insurance agents say fire insurance premiums will now be lower, but only for the homeowners outside the city limits. The lower fire insurance premiums will go into effect March 1, 2005.

The Thomas County Fire Department also says they plan to improve their services by having personnel cross trained in firefighting and Emergency Medical Services present at all of the current fire stations.