Utility Bills Skyrocket in Gadsden County

No doubt the last few days have been a little cold and some of you may have had to turn up the heat, causing your electricity bill to increase. Some folks in Quincy are up in arms over their steep bill.

Cynthia Lockwood and Albert Bethune, Jr. are two of several residents in Quincy who are upset over their high electric bill. They're now looking to city officials for answers.

Cynthia says, "I'm hoping they'll find out what's going on with these bills because I can't just work to pay utility bills because I have other bills to pay. My husband and I work everyday to live as comfortable as we can, and this is really a setback for us."

Albert McLeod Bethune adds, "I think it is the policy and the duty of the City Commission to set prices, and I can't understand how they can put those prices on the community of this size."

Bethune says last month he paid $346 in utility bills. This month it's $609.00. City Commissioner Keith Dowdell received several complaints from residents and looked into the matter.

Keith says, "All the rates were different. The rate is fluctuating between people and the rate should be the same among all residential customers."

City officials are now looking into the matter, but still, some residents are digging deep into their pockets while leaving some to rely on mother nature for warmth.

City officials say several citizens are on two billing cycles and they may see that reflected on their utility bills. Administrators are now looking at changing the billing format to help customers better understand their statement.