Insurance Rates

There's good news for Hahira residents. They're about to save a substantial amount on their homeowners insurance thanks to the latest Insurance Service Organization rating.

Folks in Hahira, Georgia have complete faith in their firefighters' abilities and the latest
ISO rating of four tells you why. The ISO rating reflects a community's ability to suppress fires on a scale of one to 10. The lower the rating, the better the fire protection.

Myron Crowe, Hahira Mayor, says, "The City of Hahira right now with an ISO rating of four, will be higher than 90 percent of the country and there will only be like 3.8 percent of the United States that will have a lower rating than the City of Hahira."

But the firefighters aren't the only ones excited about the latest rating. Home and business owners are smiling about lower insurance premiums.

Ramona Robison, a Hahira homeowner, says, "We've never had any trouble getting firefighters to respond to our fires, so making it less expensive and still having great service is good news for all of us."

But how much money can homeowners in Hahira actually expect to save?

Dwight Bennett, Hahira Fire Chief, says, "It's going to save the average homeowner about $225 a year in homeowners insurance. Now, if you compile homeowner and business insurance together, the approximate savings is going to be somewhere around $304,000 a year."

But that isn't enough for these firefighters. They say they're already thinking of ways to earn a three on the next go-round.

The City of Tallahassee has an ISO fire rating of Class Two. There are split ratings in the unincorporated areas, ranging from a four to a 10, depending on a resident's proximity to fire stations and hydrants.