Search Is on in Tallahassee for New Animal Shelter Director

The Tallahassee Leon Community Animal Shelter currently has no director. Commissioners say the search could take months. The last director resigned after problems kept mounting.

But Commissioner Debbie Lightsey says great things are on the horizon for the shelter.

"We're doing a nationwide search for a new director. We are going to sign a contract with the National Humane Society to do a program audit from A-Z so we have objective standards,” Lightsey explains.

Recently, the Extended Circle Animal Haven, a non-profit group with a no-kill policy, made an offer to the city to take over the shelter.

"I think it's great the city is taking the time to research this and check out all their options and do what's best for the animals,” says Kim Pederson of Extended Circle Animal Haven.

While the Extended Circle Animal Haven says the city has been good to work with, it still has one specific request of the city.

"We do strongly encourage the city to consider becoming a no-kill community, other cities have done it. In our proposal, that's something we talk about,” adds Pederson.

The city says it will wait on any suggestions until the National Humane Society comes in and does the audit.

The Extended Circle says that a no-kill shelter means animals are put down for medical reasons or if they are a danger to the public.