Inaugural Direct Flight From Florida's Capital City to the Big Apple

Monday was the inaugural day of non-stop service between Tallahassee and New York's JFK Airport and locals hope it'll lure more tourists and business opportunists to our area.

Several passengers were among the first to take advantage of Delta's non-stop flight from Tallahassee Regional to New York's JFK Airport. This direct flight is welcome news after AirTran's departure back on September 7.

U.S. Rep. Allen Boyd, (D) 2nd District, Florida, says, "It can't be anything but positive. Obviously in this area, we've struggled to maintain any kind of diversified, regular air service out of here that we'd like to have."

But now the service has arrived and it will benefit the economy and encourage folks to visit north Florida and even south Georgia.

Don Sims, president of the Thomasville Chamber, says, "We have 71 plantations,
300,000 acres of quality quail hunting land, and a lot of those people will be traveling direct because they have homes in the northeast and we believe it's going to be a great, great impact there as well. It'll be a convenience, if nothing else, but it'll be a great opportunity for us."

Delta also expects profitable business for the new flights.

Angie Russell, marketing manager for Delta Airlines, says, "We fully expect the services to be profitable. We've been very committed to the Tallahassee market and they've shown us great support over the past 22 years, so we expect the same results that we've been getting from this community for this new additional service as well."

Now it'll be that much easier for New Yorkers to thaw out from the deep freeze and for us to sample a slice or two of that famous New York cheesecake.

Two flights per day leave Tallahassee at 6:25 a.m. and 3:15 p.m., and two flights arrive from the Big Apple at 2:45 in the afternoon and 10:20 at night.