Thomasville Police Stepping Up Speed Patrols

It follows complaints from residents who are fed up with drivers flying through their neighborhoods.

But within minutes of his patrol on Glenwood Drive, OFC Ruben Beltran did clock someone going 56 in a 35. This area is one of several that officers have received complaints from residents about speeders.

CAPT Mark Scott of the Thomasville Police Department says, "We normally enforce speed limits all over town, but when we get a complaint in a specific neighborhood, we'll designate an officer to watch that neighborhood and heavily enforce speed limit and traffic laws."

And that's exactly what the police department is doing.

OFC Beltran says, "This is the first day of stepping up patrol. Both shifts will be doing it. We are very serious, there's zero tolerance."

Drivers should be aware that speeding laws change in different areas. In some cases you can get a ticket for going just one mile over the limit.

Scott adds, "If it's posted 30 miles per hour or less it's designated as a school zone or some type of safety zone, there is no buffer. If you drive over you could get a ticket. You need to stay under the speed limit to be safe."

Scott says the point of traffic enforcement is safety, and yes, a ticket may be a headache, but an accident can truly wreck your day.

Some of the residential streets police will be patrolling include West Clay Street, Old Monticello Road and Bluebird Drive.