City of Perry Considers Changing Election Day

The Perry City Council is looking to move the 2005 city elections to November of 2006, a change officials hope will increase voter participation.

Billie Wallis says, "It seems that it might make sense, that way voters can vote all at one time and you might get more turnout that way."

Other changes may be on the horizon, too. The Taylor County supervisor of elections sent a letter to city officials listing problems with the way city elections are currently held.

Molly Lilliott declined to be on camera, but in her letter she states:

“A need for a new city map with the districts marked, and city district boundary lines need to be specifically written for the general public to understand.”

Mayor Pam Feagle says, "Some people have to go to two different precincts to vote and it's confusing sometimes as to which one to go to, so the city boundaries need to be changed for that reason."

Other needs stated in the letter:

“An update to the city charter a contract between the city and supervisor of elections office, and specific written election guidelines.”

The mayor says these issues will be addressed in the next City Council meeting. Lilliott added in her letter that the elections office cannot conduct any further elections under the current conditions.