Web MBA Partners With VSU

A newfound partnership with one German university is enhancing the business skills of some south Georgia students. A global partnership is at Valdosta State University's fingertips.

Valdosta State business students are learning about marketplace and global community in the traditional setting, but some graduate students are passing on the desk and white board and looking to the Web for firsthand accounts in business worldwide.

Sanjay Gupta, a professor, says, "A lot of our students are from the state of Georgia, even though we've had international students in the program before. Some of the students haven't had the chance to travel abroad and I think it's important just to see how business is conducted in the world."

And thanks to an educational alliance with Anhalt University in Bernburg, Germany, students will get just that.

Professors with the program say they would like to see this program expanded to include other countries in Europe as well as parts of South America and Asia. They say the students’ success in the business field depends on a total understanding of the global community.

Ralph Allen, MBA director, says, "If you're able to do business in other cultures and other countries but don't know how to deal with their business practices, then you're going to be way behind in business, that's for sure."

It’s something VSU professors are looking to prevent. Educators say the focus of the new Web MBA initiative will provide German students with American business skills and American students with global market skills.

Professors of the Web MBA program hope to expand this kind of program and bring an international flair into other courses at VSU.