Knock-Down, Drug-Out Battle

Many Cairo residents are happy to see suspected drug dealers get escorted to the county jail, especially those residents who have experienced the dark side of drug addiction.

Sammye Perry, a Cairo resident, says, "You can see the problem I would have encountered if I’d stayed on it. I can see that right now. What it do to people. What it make them do."

Perry says he was trying to help reform one man, but couldn't do it alone.

"Most of the younger people around here, they won't listen to older people like me. I had to get the police to help me get him out the house, hollering and all, cussing at cars going by."

The owner of a convenience store says drug dealers try to find potential drug buyers on his curb, but other stores say they don't let loiterers use their sidewalk for business.

Husein Rashid, manager of Cairo Mart, says, "I don't go for it. The owner should not allow anybody to be around in the front of their places because it's no good for business, no good for customers."

He’s keeping the door open for his customers and closed to drugs.

"Drugs no good for your health, no good for young kids, it's a bad thing to use."

Say no to drugs, and police say you'll stay out of handcuffs.