Plot Thickens in Case of Arrested Prison Guard

Behind razor-sharp fences, inmates are kept from getting out, but illegal drugs have found their way in. The prime suspect: a state prison guard.

"He'll be terminated, already sent notice relieving him of duties."

His face is protected by the state, but his name reads clearly: Timothy James Ford, a prison guard of eight years now charged with conspiracy to introduce contraband into the Wakulla Correctional Institute.

An inmate phone call led authorities to a post office where a package of drugs was to be picked up by OFC Ford.

An undercover investigator with LCSO says, "Once he signed for it, he started to walk out the door and arrest teams came to arrest him inside post office."

Authorities say Ford was shocked but cooperative, and they don't believe he was alone in this crime.

"We found 1/2 pound cannabis, 3 1/2 grams of cocaine and crack."

It's adding up to more than $2,500, a value that multiplies when it enters the prison system.

Sterling Ivey, DOC spokesman, says, "This is one case out of 24,000 officers that do a good job. If anything, it shows how aggressive we are at taking action against our own employees."