Early Morning Drug Raid in Grady County

Grady County drug agents have made several arrests. The night was cut short for some alleged drug dealers Tuesday morning.

At 5:00 a.m. law enforcement officers were out on a mass drug bust. The teams split up to find nine people all suspected of selling street level drugs to an undercover officer.

Authorities say these suspects frequently loiter businesses and street corners.

OFC Terrance Griffin of the Cairo Police Department says, "It's bad in Cairo, everybody thinks Cairo's a small town and it really don't go on, but it does, and it affects the community a lot."

Keith Sandefur, Cairo Police Chief, says, "We are just like any other community. We're not immune to drug sales on the streets, this is just a more public view on the drug sales. It's where we get complaints from the people, that's what we are addressing today."

Sandefur says this operation will show the community authorities are serious about curbing drug activity, but the harsh reality is not even this may stop it.

Sandefur says, "We can arrest the individual today and tomorrow someone else may take their place."

But time has run out for these accused dealers and the next place they lay their heads may be in a jail cell.

The operation included both Grady and Mitchell Counties. Eighteen more suspected dealers were rounded up in Mitchell County with some seizures there as well.