Cheryl Dunlap's Friends Share Their Stories About the Missing Woman

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A mother, grandmother, nurse, Sunday school teacher, and friend; no matter how you know Cheryl Dunlap, chances are she has made a difference in your life. Friends wiped away the tears as they recalled the times she helped them through difficult times.

"And I mean, we didn't know each other real well. I mean, and she dropped everything to help me and she didn't need to," said Jessica Glaubius.

"She went way beyond, you get off work at 5, or 6, or 8, or whatever, as a home health nurse and Cheryl was still on the phone and seeing people on weekends and that kinda thing. She was always giving, professionally and personally," said Donna Drummond, who worked with Dunlap.

Devoted, caring, and compassionate are all words to describe Cheryl Dunlap, a person who friends say loved everyone.

"It just, it just brought all us together and got us, I dunno; she just added something," said Christa Dismuke, who has known Dunlap for 10 years.

Dunlap's friends say they are shocked by her disappearance. They say she was not dating anyone and that she would never leave without telling her two sons and grandchildren.

Authorities are still processing the car. They urge anyone who may have seen anything suspicious on Highway 319 to call police. Her car is a white Toyota Camry.

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