Jefferson County's Teacher of the Year

Everyone loves a surprise party, and the latest of several honorees in the past month got her surprise Wednesday morning.

No, it wasn’t the Publisher's Clearing House prize patrol team, but they were arriving with good news.

Jefferson County school district officials made a surprise visit to name Marilyn Halsey as "Jefferson County District School Teacher of the Year."

Marilyn says, "It's amazing. It's totally amazing because I just wasn't expecting it. I'm sort of overwhelmed by it all."

Marilyn Halsey teaches 9th through 12th grades, including exceptional special education students at Jefferson County High School. Her principal says that's exactly how Halsey makes each student feel special.

Principal Michael Bryan says, "Marilyn Halsey has never met a kid that she could not teach. She approaches teaching with the idea that everyone in her room can learn at some level, and that guides her every move with the way she teaches. She does a wonderful job everyday."

Phil Barker, Superintendent, adds, "She stands out because she goes the extra mile, does the extra work to identify all the different students' individual goals and needs that they actually need to achieve in the classroom. She does that and she takes it very personal."

Halsey says winning the award is a wonderful experience, adding that having excellent students, parents and school officials make her job that much more enjoyable.

Marilyn Halsey has been teaching at Jefferson County High School for 11 years.