Med Lab at Thomas University

There are so many areas of the medical field that are very important but often times go unnoticed. For instance, medical technologists keep the heart of medicine pumping, and Thomas University has a program that does its part to make sure labs stay fully staffed.

From checking to see if someone has lupus to keeping the blood bank stocked, the medical technologists are making sure patients and doctors have all the information they need to make a proper diagnosis.

Jill Dennis, Med Tech program coordinator, says, "We're here and we're behind the scenes, but we play a very important role in treating and diagnosing the patient. It's an exciting job and very fulfilling."

And like nursing, medical technologists are in high demand, so Thomas University started a program three years ago allowing medical technicians with associate degrees to get their bachelors.

John D. Blackman, MD, Pathologist, says, "Through Southwest Georgia Technical College and Thomas University we're able to train these people also, and this is a tremendous benefit to the people of south Georgia in terms of access to medical care."

It's behind the scenes students like Jonny Brown working in microbiology that help patients with infections receive the proper treatment.

Jonny says, "We find out what the bacteria is in the infection and then we test it against the antibiotics and then we tell the doctor what antibiotic to give the patient, which will kill the bacteria."

It’s all very detailed work to help doctors keep their patients healthy.

Medical technologists have the option to work in many different venues including hospitals, doctors’ offices, corporate labs and even crime scenes.