Unhappy Trailers to You!

If you take Rhodes Cemetery Road in Woodville it leads to the Wilkinson Woods subdivision, but shortly before you get there dozens of old mobile homes lie on the right.

"I feel like it's an environment hazard as well as an eyesore," says resident James Walker.

James Walker drives past the old trailers on his way home every day. He says it looks bad and he wonders what the county is doing about it.

James says, "Insulation, everything coming all out, things flying all out into the woods. I think someone may be living here at night.”

Documents from Leon County's Code Enforcement Board state the property belongs to Damon Peters, who we were unable to contact.

The Enforcement Board inspector working the case says Peters has not been fined. Records also show that Bobby Lord, who we were also unable to contact, took responsibility for dumping the trailers.

Bill Proctor, Leon County Commissioner, says, "As recently as January 25th, our board, our county attorney's office indicates that we are continuing to pursue and hold Mr. Peters responsible."