From Good to Well

After almost a year, news of Crackin Good's decision to close its facility has finally sunk in for folks in Valdosta.

Mayor John Fretti says, "Crackin Good had been a livelihood for many, many citizens and families in our community, and to have heard that announcement that they were closing down was devastating, not only for our community, but for that side of town as well."

But now, a new name will adorn the sign thanks to Consolidated Biscuit's recent purchase of this facility, a purchase that included not only the facility, but Crackin Good's 200-employee workforce.

William Carney, Consolidated Biscuit Vice-President, says, "We didn't want any interruption in service to the customers nor did we want to lose any employees out of that facility."

It’s a unique business decision that folks in Valdosta and at Crackin Good couldn't have been happier with.

Vicki Hughes of Industrial Authority says, "You have people that have been at Crackin Good for most of their employment careers and years and we don't want to see them out having to look for a new job."

The official announcement was made by the cracker and cookie company after seven months of negotiations, an announcement city leaders say they couldn't be more pleased about.