Leon County Man Killed in Shootout in New York

Unaware that he'd been killed up north, deputies knocked on his door Tuesday.

Emory Jackson's run from the law ended on a snowy road in Buffalo, New York after a federal agent spotted him sleeping in an abandoned car.

Peter Lawrence, U.S. Marshal, says, "At that point the deputy went up to him, went up to the car, banged on the car window with his flashlight and instructed him to get out of the vehicle. Jackson responded by firing."

One of those shots hit the U.S. marshal in the chest, but a bullet-proof vest spared his life. Jackson was then swiftly shot and killed by other marshals on scene.

It turns out Jackson was wanted for stabbing his wife in Chicago and for several minor crimes in Tallahassee.

SGT Chris Chase of the Leon County Sheriff's Department says, "His local history here in Tallahassee is mostly disorderly conduct, public affray, resisting arrest without violence and a lot of frauds as far as insufficient funds."

A Leon County deputy with warrants in hand went looking for Jackson at his Tallahassee apartment Tuesday unaware that he'd been shot and killed in Buffalo days earlier.

DEP Jimmy Beall of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "Went by there, checked with the management, they didn't know him but they had seen him around. Went by there, knocked on the door. There was no one there, checked with a couple of neighbors."

When he was killed in Buffalo, Jackson died with a glock nine in his hand. U.S. marshals say it was stolen from his Tallahassee roommate. Federal agents in Buffalo are continuing to investigate the deadly shootout.

Deputies in Leon County are obviously canceling warrants and closing their cases here.