Wakulla Man Confesses to Killing Wife, Dumping Body in Alabama

The story goes back to December 14, 2004. A Wakulla County man reports his wife, 65-year-old Julia Margaret Davis, missing. He tells authorities she had wandered off from their Crawfordville, Florida home, something he says she's done before due to a medical condition.

His story would soon change. On the day before Davis filed the missing persons report, the body of a woman is found in Kinston, Alabama, matching Davis' description.

MAJ Maurice Langston of the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says, "It was within a few hours that we were able to put enough together for the probable cause to arrest for second degree murder."

The suspect was Julia's husband, Jerry Davis. He confessed to investigators that he strangled his wife at their home, then transported her body across state lines in an SUV. Neighbors of the Davis' were not home to comment, but investigators say it's a crime that's stunned this quiet community.

MAJ Bill Poole of the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says, "It's a sad story for this family. For her sons that don't live here in the community, it's sad for the community."

Investigators say this is the first murder in more than a year, the first for 2004, and hopefully the last for 2005.

Davis is facing second degree murder charges. He is expected to be arraigned Thursday morning.