City and Residents Explore Options for New Tallahassee Power Line

It was suggested that the line run down Mahan Drive in Tallahassee, but the residents who live there voiced serious concerns, halting the project.

The eastern area of Tallahassee is one of the fastest growing areas, and that's the reason why more electrical transmission lines are needed.

The City of Tallahassee says soon eastern Tallahassee will reach a point of dire straights if more lines aren't put in.

Kevin Wailes of City of Tallahassee Electric Utility says, "There is a possibility that during peak load times we could have outages."

Many concerned residents came out to a Wednesday night meeting to find out what new options the city is thinking about for the lines.

John Corbin of Save Our Gateway says, "I think the predominant concern was the look. We've got beautiful trees and we were concerned about that. Others were concerned about how this might infringe on their property."

These are the options:

Kevin Wailes says, "One of them is termed the Mahan over head route that we've been looking at for sometime, and that one is a $16 million option. There will be the Mahan underground route. That one is $34 million and then there's the Welaunee option. It's $29 million."

Wailes says that his staff will recommend to the City Commission the Welaunee option, which would take the route up part of Mahan to Dempsey Mayo to Welaunee and then I-10.

Residents say they like this idea.

John Corbin says, "It was never our intent to be an obstacle to putting in the lines or to try to complicate the issue."

Residents say they just want to preserve the place they call home from invasive power lines. At the next city commission meeting scheduled for next Wednesday the Commission will vote on which option to go with. We'll let you know how that vote goes.