Outpatient Rehabilitation at Archbold Hospital

If you've ever been through physical therapy you know it's not always easy to gauge the progress you've made. A new machine allows patients to feel and see results.

Lindsey Bader is no stranger to physical therapy. She tore her ACL playing soccer and seven surgeries later is still in pain. It's new equipment at Archbold's Outpatient Rehabilitation Center that therapists say will help her get back on both feet.

Jami Stephenson, an occupational therapist, says, "This is more of the state of the art equipment where we can be a little more precise with the training and fine tune the amount of training and resistance per person, per exercise, and be a little more specific.”

The BTE Primus simulates hundreds of everyday motions and then calculates the amount of work and power a patient uses, but it's not easy.

Lindsey says, "The first time it was very frustrating. I didn't see the results I wanted to see. The second time I was astounded by my progress."

Patients with work related injuries as well as those recovering from surgery can also utilize the machine.

Patient Kenneth Coston says, "I love working with the machine. I do get a little sore when I'm through. My strength is slowly coming back so I can get back to work."

Seeing progress from week to week is what keeps these patients on the right track to recovery. Therapists say doctors and insurance companies also like the state of the art machine because it helps them monitor patient progress.