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A new program in Lowndes County is helping parents take an active role in their child's academic progress. A program called ParentConnect is making high school students more accountable for their education.

A new program called ParentConnect means the days of "accidentally" losing that progress report and "conveniently" misplacing that not so great report card are over for students at Lowndes High School.

Kay Hardesty, a parent of a Lowndes High student, says, "I can go in and look at his grades anytime. If I have a question about one I can e-mail the teacher and see what's happening. You can see when they have a test or when they didn't turn in some homework, things like that."

It's simple. Parents just type in and register to use this free resource. Seconds later your child's entire academic progress is at your fingertips.

Dian Fulp says, "It's a little harder to do open house on the high school level. It's harder to get up there and have a conference with the teachers."

But ParentConnect focuses on opening a line of communication between parent and teacher with little effort from either party.

Al Towell, the technology coordinator, says, "One of the best aspects of this is that it doesn't require any additional work on the part of the teacher except that they just put their grades in the grade book as they have in the past."

Parents are already giving ParentConnect an A+. Program coordinators say they will implement parent connect at Lowndes and Hahira Middle Schools within the next month.