Not All Happy Seeing Big Retailers in Town

Since Home Depot and Wal-Mart have opened up, Corenza Burke went from having to drive as far away as Quincy to being able to walk to the nation's largest retailer.

Corenza says, "I was excited because I was tired of driving long distances to shop at Wal-Mart."

Burke says things haven't changed much since Wal-Mart became her neighbor.

Home Depot hasn't gotten the same response. Eyewitness news got a noise complaint from a viewer.

"This is 503 Burgess Street. This is where the complaint is coming from."

City Councilman Luther Conyers addressed the concern by taking us on a ride from the residence to Home Depot. It's nearly 200 yards away.

Luther Conyers says, "I rode the area several times and I could not hear telephones ringing that the person registered."

Conyers says noise concern shouldn't be an issue considering both stores exceeded zoning requirements.

Luther says, "They said they were doing 20-foot buffers. They did 50-foot and a fence, so the noise has been kept down."

Burke adds, "I'm very happy it's here because they have lower prices, and I think it'll help the community grow."

Burke says it opened the doors to much needed job opportunities.