Limbering for Laboring

Judy Taps is one of hundreds of Americans who are peddling their way to a healthy lifestyle. Now, Floridians who are burning calories may soon cash in on a new law, which gives employers a rebate for workers who shed those unwanted pounds.

Judy says, "I think it's a fabulous idea. I'm a psychotherapist myself and I believe in the wellness concept and anything we do to make our citizens healthier is what we need to be doing."

Florida is the first state in the nation stepping up to adopt the "Healthy Lifestyle Rebate" plan. State insurance officials say the new law is a weighty issue that has some cautious about the plan because it benefits the employer financially.

Rich Robleto, Deputy Insurance Commissioner, says, "The incentive overall is to reduce the cost of health care. It is assumed that if the employees are participating in the cost of their premiums that part of the rebate is going to go back to the employees. I think there's always an incentive of trying to live a healthy lifestyle."

And that lifestyle plan also involves helping smokers kick the habit in the bud. Officials say those who successfully quit smoking would be entitled to a savings in their health insurance premiums if they pass a blood test the following year.