Teen Report: Happiness Survey

Audrey Sweet and Cory Austin are two high school students who say they are living the American dream. Sweet says too often people equate fame and money with happiness.

Audrey says, "’Cause you can't buy love, you can't buy friendship, if you can't have those things in your life it doesn't really matter ‘cause you can buy good shoes but you can't buy friends."

Many of the teens questioned in a new survey say having a good education is essential to achieving their dreams and finding happiness. They also say having a loving family is paramount to being happy.

Cory Austin, a junior at Lawton Chiles High School, says, "I think just having the basic needs that you need, the family and friends and things to comfort you, and that you don't have to stand around and you have money to ever be happy. It's just family and friends; those are the things that matter most."

And what matters most to some of these teens are the necessities in life.

Sajerika Sherman, a freshman, says, "It's not about that ‘bling bling’ to me, it's about getting my bills paid."

Sherman says through education, hard work and determination everyone can achieve their own idea of the American dream.

More than 600 teens were surveyed for this poll which was conducted by the Job Shadow Coalition in December of last year.