Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Downtown Tallahassee Condos

The company "Gameday Centers Southeastern" aims to bring sports fans closer to their alma mater with luxury condominiums. They're just a stone's throw from FAMU, FSU and the Florida Capitol.

With shovels in hand, Tallahassee Mayor John Marks led the groundbreaking ceremony of a new life downtown.

Mayor John Marks says, "We're trying to create an urban infield. We're trying to create connectivity and an 18-hour walking day in the city of Tallahassee. This condominium going up on Kleman Plaza will certainly help us in that regard."

The groundbreaking was the beginning of the Tallahassee Center Luxury Condominium. The 11-story building will be built on a corner of Kleman Plaza with 114 units.

The contractor says something of this magnitude will be a huge economic boost.

Jennings Knox, contractor, says, "All of Tallahassee is involved in this project from the architect all the way to the sub-contractor. This project is over $20 million. It will involve over 400 people from Tallahassee working on the job. All that money stays in Tallahassee."

Patrick Boles, a downtown business owner, says, "I feel like it'll be a good enhancement for the city of Tallahassee. I believe it'll bring a lot of business to this area and I'm all for economic development.”

Centrally located near FSU and FAMU, "Gameday Centers" developers will mix the sports theme with a touch of luxury. Mayor Marks says downtown Tallahassee will soon be the place to be.

Contractors say the project should be completed in about a year and a half. Prices range from the $160,000s for a one-bedroom to the $400,000s for a three-bedroom suite. Eighty seven of the 114 condominiums are already sold.