Thomasville's Free Dental Clinic

It's National Children's Dental Health Month and local kids are being taught to pick up habits now to promote healthy teeth and gums in the future.

It was more than just fun and games at the Boys and Girls Club. Friday, kids took time out and opened up to more serious matters: dental care.

Ondrea Davis says, "Dental care and dental education is very important, these are teeth they will have for the rest of their lives and we want to take care of them."

As part of Children's Dental Health Month, local dentists volunteered their time to give these kids a dental screening for free.

Renee Parrish says, "They're checking for dental decay. If we see any visible areas of redness of gums, we catch those and send them to a dentist."

Audreona McIntyre certainly has something to smile about. She's taking a green letter home to mom and dad, and that means, "I didn't have any cavities," she says.

Davis adds, "This will help parents see where their children are as far as what type of dental help they need."

It will hopefully keep them out of bed with a painful toothache so they can get back to the joy of being kids again.