Sci-Tech Museum at Valdosta State University

A new science and technology museum will soon relocate to Valdosta, and leaders say it will help revolutionize education around our region.

Valdosta State University will soon be the home of Atlanta's old Sci-Trek Museum, and it’s a museum that will try to change the future by remembering the past.

Science and math classes at Valdosta State are pretty traditional, at least for the next few months, but change is on the way now that VSU will soon be home to Georgia's Sci-Trek Museum.

Ron Zaccari Ph.D., VSU President, says, "What we plan to do with this new project is turn it into a math and science center for children, Saturday morning programs for children, summer programs; it will be a place where we also train our future math and science teachers in our College of Education."

Dr. Zaccari says the new program will be housed here first at the Education Building. He says the future of this program will not be limited though to just occurring here on campus. In fact, the program will be expanding to touch lives all around south Georgia.

Zaccari says, "We're going to do something like take vans out into the community and have students go through those vans and teach the teachers the latest in math and science. Children will not be viewing; they will be doing science and math."

Leaders hope this kind of teaching and learning innovation will help drastically improve interest in math and science programs.

The Sci-Trek Center has also been awarded a $150,000 grant to help relocate the center from Atlanta to its new home at Valdosta State.