Doctors With Wings

Paramedics from Air Medic Two are on scene transporting victims to the nearest hospital. Though the scene isn't real, it's a scenario that's all too common.

Paramedics say medical helicopters play a vital role in saving countless lives.

Tommy Baker, Emergency Medical Director, says, "Faster response time, faster response to a trauma center and ground service is very busy. We run four ambulances and we're frequently busy on all those, so it allows us to get those patients to a trauma center immediately when they need it."

The new medic has been at the Pat Thomas Law Academy since December, and in that month they've responded to more than 40 calls in Gadsden and surrounding areas.

Greg Cain, Air Medic Two training officer, says, "It's a good location here at Pat Thomas Academy. It gives us quick access to anywhere in Gadsden County, Leon County and surrounding areas. It's a real good location."

Though location is a positive aspect, Pat Thomas Academy officials say the new air medic will offer them an opportunity to teach officers about the world of paramedics.

Jim Murdaugh, Assistant VP of Tallahassee Community College, says, "The training opportunities is that they'll use their flight paramedic to teach some of our criminal justice programming and also some of the college programs that we do. We're opening avenues to train flight paramedics."

It’s giving emergency personnel an even greater opportunity to save hundreds of lives in the Big Bend area.