Firefighters Take Break From Battling Blazes to Bike for Hurricane Relief

Tallahassee is the finish line for these men after spending the past month cycling across America, raising money for those whose lives were turned around last year from the deadly hurricanes.

Drew Robb of the New York Fire Department says, "We hoped that by now things would be getting back to normal, but still people are definitely hurting from that."

A collection of firefighters from as far as New York, Philadelphia, Houston and Arkansas got together and hit the road to support the Florida Hurricane Relief Fund.

Steve Uhlfelder, CEO of the Florida Hurricane Relief Fund, says, "They had people stopping them on the road, getting their phone numbers to find out where they can send money. These are really dedicated firemen, some of whom were involved in 9/11. We're really appreciative."

Bob Branch of the Houston Fire Department says, "When we came through Destin and Pensacola we got to see the damage firsthand and it's been four months and people are still living in blue roofs and stuff like that. Man, that's tragic."

As of Friday the cyclists raised more than $8,000 for their efforts.

Gerry Shaffer of the Philadelphia Fire Department says, "You know, it was a tough ride, but that is what being a firefighter is all about. We help out strangers in need."

After touring seven states and close to 30 cities, these men say they would do it all over again if it meant helping others.

To date, the Florida Hurricane Relief Fund has taken in close to $20 million from various donors.