Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday has some party hosts out shopping for supplies early Sunday afternoon. First on the shopping list for many hosts was beer.

"Parties, yea they get together. I bet you they'll be 1,000 parties in Tallahassee tonight," said Mike Norman.

The keg prices in Tallahassee have some party hosts coming across the state line to save money.

"It runs about $95 in Georgia for just beer alone. Come down to Mike's, I pay about $50 to $60 depending on what kind of beer you get," said resident Nick Wade.

"I put out about $63 for this and we're going to have a little hot wings and something like that," said Anthony Dixon.

"This is the busiest day of the year. We're planning on making a lot of sales, selling a lot of wings. We already have a schedule for people who call in because we can only do 500 at a time," said Magen Snipas with Wing Stop.

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest weekends for beer and party food sales across the nation.