BAT Mobile Combats DUI

Its mission is to remove dangerous drivers from our roads, and after eight months, local police officers say the Blood Alcohol Testing trailer has done just that, but that's not all the BAT Trailer has done for south Georgia.

Dangerous drivers beware; more than 40 agencies are out to get you off the road immediately, literally. It’s something that's quite possible thanks to a high-tech trailer.

SGT Earl Durrance, BAT Trailer coordinator, says, "Now an officer can make a case there and get on to the next one and have him behind bars, when previously the officer would be on the way to the county jail, which would be five, 10, 20 miles away."

It’s a trip that kept police officers from busting more drunk drivers, but now those long trips are a thing of the past.

Local officers say the BAT Trailer has done an outstanding job helping them slam the door on many of south Georgia's drunk drivers.

Terry Davis, Hahira Police Chief, says, “People are becoming more aware that the City of Hahira Police Department is serious about drinking and driving, wearing your seat belt and that stuff. We can see our DUIs declining now."

It’s a decline that's saving lives and sending a strong message that south Georgia's zero tolerance policy is here to stay. The BAT Trailer is currently shared by 40 law enforcement agencies in a 12-county region.