Garrison Pilcher Elementary Receives Recycling Award

You've probably never heard of the Great Eight, but they've taken the task of recycling to the state Capitol. A Great Eight performance won their elementary school some cash.

A group of second graders is known as the Great Eight, and they've been learning a lot about recycling.

"I learned it was really good to recycle because you won't smell bad things outside and people can live in a better world."

Garrison Pilcher didn't have the funds to start a recycling program, but with help from a teacher, the Great Eight applied for a grant and wrote a skit about recycling Their informative performance at an Atlanta luncheon not only impressed legislators, but won the school the money they needed.

Marty Prine, a teacher at Garrison Pilcher Elementary, says, "We now have $1,000 to go buy bins, a can crusher, garbage cans, and then we start the actual work. The fun is over. The work begins."

Prine says each classroom can now have a recycling receptacle that will be picked up every Friday.

Garrett Crozier, of the Great Eight says, "We're gonna collect recyclable items and somebody's parents are going to come by and pick the items up and take them to the recycling bin."

It’s a message they hope will make their school cleaner and the trash load a little lighter. Garrison Pilcher Elementary was one of 10 schools to receive the award and the only one from south Georgia.