Outdo the Flu

The worst of the flu is dawning upon our area. It is not unusual for it to strike hard in February, but the chilly weather last week may not have helped.

Uzodike, a family practitioner at TMH, says, "I think the cold weather has to do with reduced immunity, and people do tend to get exposed to people who have the flu and I think that causes the increase in activity."

Not only is the flu a problem, but so are those pesky allergies. So how would you know if the flu or just simple allergies ail you?

Dr. Ronald Saff says, "The allergy sufferer, their symptoms are limited to itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, and they don't feel so sick and they're generally able to go about their daily activities."

But if you're worried about missing work because of the flu, it is not too late to get your shot. The Leon County Health Department exhausted its flu vaccine on Friday, but it still should be available through your doctor.

Ann Waltz of the Leon County Health Department says, "And folks are really not too late to receive a flu vaccine. A couple of things to keep in mind is that the vaccine takes two full weeks to take effect, so you don't have instantaneous protection with a flu shot."

A word to the wise: get that shot before the flu gets you!