Thomasville Humane Society Spay and Neuter

A local Humane Society is making it more cost efficient for responsible owners to spay and neuter their pets.

Melissa Hart, an animal control officer, has the daunting task of rescuing stray animals. She brings in nearly 20 animals a day, most of which are sick or mistreated.

LT Hart says, "It's terrible to go to a dumpster to find boxes of taped up kittens and you'll hear them wining. They are full of disease. We are put in a position to have to put them to sleep because of the sickness, and that makes it really bad."

The Humane Society euthanizes thousands of animals a year due to overcrowding. To help reduce that number, the Humane Society is making it more cost efficient for pet owners to spay or neuter.

Carol Jones, executive director of TTCHS, says, "Pet owners would sign up their pet, we'll make an appointment with a vet either here or Cairo. The cost is based on species, weight and sex of the animal. The cost will be reduced from what you normally have to pay."

Jones says spaying and neutering is a year-round responsibility, but there's more emphasis now because it's mating season.

Hart says, "If they don't want the animal, get your pets spayed or neutered."

Hart says doing so reduces the number of diseased stray animals, making her job a lot less difficult.

The program runs through March. For more information on how to sign up your pet, call the Thomasville/Thomas County Humane Society at 229-228-0613.