Children's Book Causing Controversy in Suwannee County

Jennifer Jernigan says she was appalled by a book her five-year-old son picked up at the Suwannee County Public Library.

Jennifer says, "I'm not asking them to ban the book from the library. I'm not saying burn the book. My request is simply that they make it accessible to children that are more able to physically and mentally understand the content of the book."

The book, "Mommy Laid an Egg," explains in details how a baby is made. The library's director says the library has followed all guidelines and sees no need to move the book from juvenile non-fiction, to young adult non-fiction.

John D. Hales, Jr., director of Suwannee Regional Libraries, says, "It's in the area for non-fiction issues. It's in its appropriate place based on the fact of Library and Congress cataloging recommendations. We feel like it's in the proper place in juvenile non-fiction."

Hales said the book deals with human reproduction with childlike illustrations. Jernigan disagrees.

Jennifer says, "I was very disgusted by some of the images that are inside. There are cartoon-like behaviors of clowns actually engaging in sexual intercourse."

Georgiana Brickles, a mother of two daughters, says, "It has a lot of illustrations on there that I wouldn't want my younger child, which is five, to look at because it's really in detail of how ‘mommy laid an egg,’ as they call the book."

A committee of community members will review the book and decide whether it should be moved. The library directory says there are two copies of the book. It has been checked out 28 times.