Up and Rerunning

Kevin Lee, who's now temporary supervisor of Thomas County's drug unit, admits last month's departmental audit put some things on hold, but now even in the absence of a commander, things are operating as usual.

"We've been real busy. The meth has really hit us hard lately. A lot of meth labs, meth possession, criminal intent to manufacture. I don't see it stopping anytime soon," he says.

Just last week, the unit made four meth lab busts. Thomas County's sheriff is looking into how to handle what's now becoming an epidemic.

Powell applauds legislators for addressing the problem.

Sheriff Carlton Powell says, “The Legislature is trying to address some of the areas that might help the control of the ingredients. The ingredients to make meth can be bought over the counter."

In the meantime, Powell has implemented other ways to make the unit function more efficiently.

"They are just procedural changes in the way we're entering evidence in the evidence custodian's custody, the procedure for getting it tested, taking it to court," says Powell.

In the wake of the audit, Powell says the unit is continuing to run full-force, keeping agents in their normal non-stop routine.

Kevin Lee adds, "When we stay busy, of course we get that much more drugs off the streets."