Beta Club Probe

A local high school service club was kicked out and sent home from a conference in Atlanta last weekend, and the students could now face lengthy suspensions.

Some of the best and the brightest at Cairo High School, members of the Beta Club, are in hot water now. School officials say some of the students were under the influence of alcohol while attending a Beta Club conference in Atlanta the weekend of February 5. The entire group was asked to leave the conference and the hotel.

Principal Tim Helms says, "We want to give all the students, we want to treat them like they were our own children. I've always said that, and we want to make sure no stone is unturned as we go through this investigation."

Consuming alcohol on a school trip is a violation of the student handbook with a penalty of a possible 10-day out of school suspension.

Margaret Freeman a Cairo resident, says, "The parents should punish them and the schools should maybe get them a school project or something to complete to let them know what they did was wrong. We won't accept it and that's it, not to make a big stink out of it."

Nothing will be done until the investigation is complete.

Two of the four staff members who chaperoned students on the trip are now on administrative leave with pay until the investigation is complete. No names have been released.