I Have a Question, Mom... er, Teacher

Mary Jane McNeil oversees a first aid class for the Thomasville Home School Co-op's Event Day. McNeil says extra activities like these dispel the notion that home schooling is restricted only to reading, writing and arithmetic at home.

Mary Jane says, "The children can come and do things that parents may not be able to teach at home."

The co-op began with five families, and now there are about 80 on board. McNeil says interest in home schooling grows each year.

"It may be religious reason; there may be a safety concern in schools, just because they may want to draw family closer. They may not want those outside influences affecting their children at such a young age."

Dawn Honeywell, a certified English teacher, home schools her three children. She says she felt she'd do a better job educating them.

Dawn says, "I discovered the best teaching is one on one. School teachers don't have that possibility."

McNeil says, "Parents are learning they can be in charge of their children's curriculum, education and moral well being, things that ultimately parents are responsible for."

McNeil says home schooling covers every facet of a child's education that helps make him or her a successful adult.