Ice Skating Comes to Tallahassee

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If you're looking to get into the spirit of the wintry holiday season, a trip to the ice rink might help put you in the mood.

The Tallahassee Fairgrounds is giving local residents the opportunity to enjoy a wintry favorite without the wintry weather. Event organizers say ice skating is fun for the whole family.

Shannon Nazzal, the rink manager encourages everyone to come by, "We don't have real ice in Tallahassee, and there's not a rink all year round. So it's a great opportunity for everybody to come out and get the experience of what it's like to have ice and to skate and have a good time and to make it feel a little more like the holiday"

If you're worried about falling in public, the rink is also available for private parties. Skaters who want their chance to glide on the ice will have until February 3rd to do it.

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