Annual Campaign Aims to Keep Kids on the Right Track

Hannah Aaron is wise beyond her years, having experienced firsthand that drugs destroy dreams.

Hannah says, "Found in his beach house, it was no secret he used drugs, just never thought it would get that far."

Hannah is sharing the story of a family friend, hoping her bravery propels her pupils to avoid paying the ultimate price for dabbling in drugs.

General Mitchell, a student at Belle Vue Middle School, says, "[They’re] bad for you, [they’ll] mess up your future, [you] won't have any dreams and waist your money."

Yet studies show by the eighth grade, 52 percent of adolescents have consumed alcohol, 41 percent have smoked cigarettes and 20 percent have used marijuana.

The purpose behind the 13th annual Drugs Destroy Dreams rally is to curb those numbers.

Wash Anderson of the Tallahassee Urban League says, "Take information being presented today and focus on being academically successful and live [a] drug and crime-free lifestyle."

The message seems to be getting through loud and clear.

Carl Hall, a student at Cobb Middle School, says, "I'm hoping to be a doctor and won't let drugs get in the way of that."

Hannah Aaron adds, "[I] don't want to get hooked and loose my life over something so silly, [it’s] very pointless."