Small Cost, Big Reward

Kids' minds are just like clay. When guided by the right hands, it can turn into something beautiful. That's just what staff at the Thomasville Community Resource Center are trying to do.

Sandra McIntyre, Director of Children Services, says, "We are caring, loving, and we really want to help these children progress in life, and the main thing, like I said, we focus on the extra help that the parents are sometimes not able to give them when they get home."

It's a learning environment that parents and kids say yields progress.

Parent Cassandra Montgomery says, "Tremendously, in his reading ability, his math ability overall, even with communicating with teachers, communicating with students, and the resource center has helped develop that."

Starting Valentine's Day they'll have the lowest after school rate in the county. The $20 a week fee includes transportation from school to the center.

"They help everyone with their homework,” the kids say.

Parents will be singing too because they'll get to keep some cash in their wallets.