Blood Drag

From planes to automobiles, a huge car show is bringing in big bucks to a local town. The annual "Blood Drag" has moved to the airport at Live Oak.

They're packing in from all over the country, cars every color of the rainbow with shined up engines, sparked out wheels and every color you can find in your Crayola box.

With about 10 to 20,000 people expected, this is a huge event for the tiny airport in Live Oak.

"We're just trying to bring something big to Live Oak. My buddy's like, it's a small town, we got this airport and even folks in town. I'm like, we're having a show at the airport and they're like, we have an airport? So I hope this will put the airport as well as Live Oak on the map," said Eddie Cebreco, Blood Drag organizer.

And so far, it is. Just look around at the crowd and you'll see people from Florida, South Carolina, Texas and California have come to Live Oak for the event.

The cars were enough to stop a crowd in their tracks, but these folks say the real fun is just getting together with people from all over.

Organizers say after all the bills are paid, the real winners will be the residents in Live Oak. Tickets are expensive, but there is a cheap way to get in.

"We're helping out the local blood centers. If you come down you donate blood you get in free," shared Cebreco.

The Blood Drag wraps up on Sunday.