Unity in the Community

Saturday marked the 13th year for Unity in the Community Day in Tallahassee. It's an event that celebrates the growing diversity among the people living in the Big Bend.

Lively music, colorful costumes, entertaining performances and delicious food were some of the ingredients for Unity in the Community Day at Kleman Plaza Saturday afternoon, but organizers say the most important part of the event is the people.

"I think with the diverse community groups in Tallahassee, people and organizations, I think it speaks well for the City of Tallahassee, being that we are the number one city in the USA, so I think it speaks well of the diversity and multi-culturalism here in Tallahassee," said event organizer Wash Anderson.

The diversity and multi-culturalism was evident as Tallahassee area residents from more than 20 different countries showcased some of their traditions and heritage.

"We have a wonderful parade of international attire with various countries being represented and we've got an uncanny schedule of entertainment with various counties being represented," added Kathleen Flynn, the recreation supervisor for Tallahassee Parks and Recreation.

In addition to all the international performances, food and parades, Unity in the Community gives us an opportunity to do some hands-on arts and crafts. Art lovers can design a hand and add it to a wall of hands supporting the community.

"We really like events like this down in [Kleman] Plaza. We like having a vibrant downtown with lots of different people. It's on of the things we really like about our community," said Tallahassee resident Nate Johnson.

And that community helps to expand this event each year. Unity in the Community Day is jointly organized through the City of Tallahassee and the Tallahassee Urban League.