FSU Dance Marathon

Florida State students are adding up the cash to see if they reached their 10-year goal. The students have been raising money through the FSU Dance Marathon. The proceeds will go to help children in the community.

After 24 hours of dancing, the group isn't even close to giving up. This is an event they've waited for all year. Each member raises money for the Children's Miracle Network.

It's the 10th year for the Dance Marathon, and toe tappers came out in record numbers.

"This is our largest registered dancing year. We have more than 650 dancers right here all at once, so the turnout was amazing," said Brittany Horwitt, the Dance Marathon organizer.

And while this amazing feat looks like a lot of fun, there is a serious side to this event. For Stacy Giles, the marathon is a miracle in itself.

Giles commanded the attention of the audience as she talked candidly about her son Conner, who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three. She says during her ordeal she needed the support of the Children's Miracle Network, and these students made sure she got it.

"They've been doing it for months and I don't think it'll end after today; they just really have their hearts in it," said Stacy.

Organizers say the students have learned that giving is its own reward. After 10 years, the group is hoping to total $1 million of support for the Children's Miracle Network.

The Florida State Dance Marathon raised close to $200,000 this year.