Chart Your Heart Part 1

The goal is to give women a reality check on the "disheartening" stats when it comes to "us" and cardiovascular disease. If you think this is just a man's problem, here's why you should think again.

One year ago Eugenia Scott ended up in the hospital, complaining of chest pains. To her surprise, tests revealed she had arteries that were clogged between 30 and 90 percent.

“I thought I did all of the right things. I thought I ate properly, but I really didn't, just as we all do.”

The diagnosis while shocking to Ms. Scott, was not surprising when you consider these statistics. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of American women. One out of every 2 1/2 women die of heart disease compared to one out of 30 for breast cancer.

Michelle Lambert who works with premiere health and fitness center's cardiac rehab program says these facts are almost unknown to women. Just her clientele is the tell tale sign.

Since 1984, more women have died of cardiovascular disease than men.

Tallahassee memorial hospital cardiologist Wayne Batchelor says it's time to pay attention.

“A lot of times heart disease sneaks up on you. Often times it's sudden with devastating consequences, and this is why early recognition needs to be in place.”