New High Tech Cruiser

Slow down all you speedsters because a NASCAR replica is sharing the road with you, and it's one fast and furious machine you won't want to reckon with.

It's sleek. It's powerful. And it's one hot ride you won't want to race. It's called the Intimidator.

In Wakulla County, the black beauty belongs to one deputy. And Mike Helms is the only deputy behind the wheel. The car's outside appearance allows him to creep up on aggressive drivers with discreteness and ease, while the inside provides him state-of-the-art electronics.

“Conventional radar shoots one beam; this shoots two out the front and two out the back and verbally tells me which vehicle I'm tracking.”

Tracking speedsters in Wakulla County can be challenging, especially during the summer months when roadways are clogged with beachgoers.

“That population then goes from 28,000 to 110,000 on any given day.”

Which is why Deputy Helms' new partner is so important. But the mission of this Monte Carlo Super Sport is not to intimidate; rather it's to educate.

Issuing tickets isn't Helms objective. He wants to change driving patterns, especially among today's youngest drivers.

The cruiser is equipped with a supercharged engine, known for taking several checkered flags in NASCAR races.