Tech Education in Gadsden County

Gadsden school officials have designated February 13 through the 19 as National Career and Technical Week with hopes of getting the word out about their program.

It's a cutting edge idea one that's been shaped to help Gadsden County students get first hand experience before heading to the work force.

School officials have been promoting Gadsden Technical Institute as an option for those who may not wish to seek a higher education.

"Only about the top 20 percent go on to post secondary education and our main goal is to provide the students with a skill they can enter into the work force when they graduate from high school.”

Students at the technical school are learning the tools of the trade with one-on-one help from certified instructors.

"It's not as stressful as college they work with you. They give you hands on guidance instead of just giving you book work all the time, like in the shop you're in here more than in class so you have more hands on."

"It's teaching me stuff I didn't know about cars. I want to learn.

This learning environment has become a catalyst for Sutton who hopes to open his own car repair shop someday.

Now school officials are hoping more students will get hooked on the institute and take advantage of the many programs it has to offer.

The program is open to adults and high school students. The institute offers a variety of classes from practical nursing to small engine repair and cosmetology.