Wave of Love

"Pine Grove Elementary is sending a wave of love around the world," straight to Asia’s tsunami victim's to be exact.

Third, fourth, and fifth grade students had their piggy banks in hand and skipped their annual valentine's day party to send some love where it's needed most.

"They have parties all the time. They can go home and have sweets after this but their looking at 212,000 people that were killed in just matter of minutes."

"Seeing children come in and give their whole piggy bank and give their ice cream money and little bits and big donations, everything has just been a wave coming in."

And with a running total of more than $1700, these kids gave 110 percent and even through in these handmade valentine's cards.

"I'm just like this is a one time chance- I can't just let it go by and not help anyone."

"The best thing to do to help those people is make a financial contribution."

Pine Grove Elementary teachers say they raised a total of $3012 during their Valentine’s Day "wave of love" effort.